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Small Manure Spreaders

Small Manure Spreaders for the Smallholder, Horse Owner and Traditional Farmer

The benefits of manure from horses and other domesticated livestock has long been recognised as ‘the’ natural food for all plants. Be it wheat for milling, pasture for grazing and hay or vegetables for eating, manure provides the essential nutrients for plant growth and a healthy sustainable land….and if you keep livestock…you get it for free!

The Bunnings Range of Small Manure Spreaders

The Bunnings range of small manure spreaders are specifically designed for use by smallholders, smaller scale farmers such as private horse owners, commercial equestrian centres and smaller/organic farmers. With three models, available in three sizes  ‘PTO’ driven, Bunnings  spreaders can be easily operated by machines as small as ride on mowers, through ATV’s, 4×4’s and traditional tractors.

How the Small Manure Spreader Began

After many years travelling from farm to farm as a journeyman blacksmith, it was in 1906 that Robert Bunning finally decided to settle in the village of Gressenhall, ideally situated in the heart of rural Norfolk, England. A deliberate policy was introduced to specialise purely in the manufacture of manure spreaders and so from 2010 onwards this was put into effect. Efforts were concentrated on building high performance, high quality spreaders on the market incorporating the latest of technologies.

To the present day, machines are manufactured under licence in the USA by Norwood Sales Inc. with Alpha Equipment Limited supplying the established Lowlander brand of rear discharge manure spreaders to the North American market. The Company also has a distributor network operating in Australia, South Africa, throughout Europe and the UK.

GTBunnings has been refined over the years and helped thousands of customers manage their muck and enhance their land with our small manure spreaders.

Features of our small manure spreaders

Heaped extended capacity
Heavy duty fully welded construction
Long lasting composit floor shaft bearings
1000 rpm PTO speed or 540
Single pole drawbar for tighter turning circle
Full road lighting

Whether spreading fresh, well rotted or semi-solid farmyard manure, poultry litter, compost or waste products, our manure spreaders deliver an even, fine and wide spread pattern. Large diameter beaters generate a high tip speed to ensure a fine shredding action is achieved, with tall beaters delivering massive output or high work rates.

Using Manure Spreaders – Farm manure

Among sources of organic matter and plant nutrients, farm manure has been of major importance in past years. Manure is understood to mean the refuse from stables and barnyards, including both excreta and straw or other bedding material, while the term fertilizer refers to chemicals. Large amounts of manure are produced by livestock; such manure has value in maintaining and improving soil because of the plant nutrients, humus, and organic substances contained in it.

As manure must be managed carefully in order to derive the most benefit from it, some farmers may be unwilling to expend the necessary time and effort. Manure must be carefully stored to minimize loss of nutrients, particularly nitrogen. It must be applied to the right kind of crop at the proper time. Also, additional fertilizer may be needed, such as phosphoric oxide, in order to gain full value of the nitrogen and potash that are contained in manure.

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