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Weigh cells with automatic rate control

The RDS Apollo spreader controller has all the features for today’s farming techniques. Target application rate is entered into the controller which then monitors the load and adjusts the floor speed accordingly. GPS variable rate technology is supplied as standard and the system can receive an application rate from a third party controller such as John Deere Greenstar, Raven or Trimble. Or a predefined application map can be loaded to the SD card and automatically vary the rate (Precision Farming). Data can be logged via the optional printer


or saved to a SD card, which can then be exported to an Excel spreadsheet along with treatment maps.  Live weighing is via 20 tonne weigh cells situated on both axle and drawbar. This is then clearly viewed on the controller screen together with your speed, target rate and live application rate. There is a choice of either using the machine in ‘Automatic or Manual Control’ depending on your requirements.

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