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New Industry leading coating technology installed.

G T Bunning & Sons Ltd continues to place emphasis on improving processes, with a view to consistently increasing efficiencies, enhancing quality and thereby achieving better performance benchmarks in all areas.

As part of this programme, the coating facility at G. T. Bunning & Sons Ltd in Norfolk, England has recently installed new paint equipment.

Two Wiwa Fleximix I, 3K (three component) systems were installed, which supply the coatings to two spray booths. The operators can quickly and efficiently select the two component primer or a range of top coat colours, which are then delivered to electrostatic spray guns, with minimal waste of the coating used. A small dose of “flow” solvent is introduced as a third component to improve the gloss of the coatings.

The accuracy of the coating mix is guaranteed by the superior technology of the Wiwa system, which also enables operators and management to view up to date coating usage on a display incorporated in the electronic panel.spreader painting facility

In the paint supply rooms, Wiwa Phoenix 11032 airless pumps supply the coatings via high pressure heaters to the Fleximix systems, with electric agitators and feed pumps assisting the processing from the larger bulk containers.

Paint pod right way up    Greg Shepherd, Managing Director said “Since the installation, the line has operated efficiently and has significantly reduced the level of maintenance that was required with the old system.

The equipment automatically calculates and mixes the correct quantity of paint or primer, hardener and thinners eliminating the chances of human error.

Both operator and maintenance teams have seen a benefit and we also have the commercial advantage of a three-colour option that can be implemented within minutes.

The current climate dictates that cost savings along with time efficiencies are even more important, and this installation has already delivered above expectation.

Environmental impact is also of great importance and this system has certainly helped reduce waste paint and thinners.

We purchased the Wiwa equipment from Airblast Eurospray Ltd. after extensive trials were carried out at our premises; we evaluated both the Wiwa range and other well-known systems. I believe we have made the right choice”.

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